A digital studio based on the Surf Coast, Australia
38° 19' 35.27"S — 144° 18' 56.41"E

Leading and collaborating with talented teams is an art form that requires empathy, compassion, and a bit of grit.

Calum is all about pushing boundaries and doing things differently. Great design comes from a deep dive into research and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Calum takes people on a journey that excites, simplifies, or even provokes the way they see and experience the world.

Calum has a knack for generating ideas that break through the noise in digital and real-life spaces. Leveraging cultural insights, coupled with his diverse background and risk-taking mentality, delivers results when it counts. Ultimately, his passion for design is all about working with people and making connections.
©alum — studio is born
An Ai informed studio that combines cultural insights and trends to connect with humans, deeply.
We have grown YoY and proudly work with teams and AI across the world.
A global designer with world-wide connections and experience.
With a never-ending thirst for problem solving comms, we have ticked over 300 creative projects.
Not to toot our own trumpet too much, but we have four awards and eight recognitions under our belt.
In our studio, AI personas play a pivotal role in enhancing the virtual studio experience.
These intelligent avatars assist in various aspects, from project management to creative brainstorming sessions. They seamlessly integrate with our workflow, offering real-time feedback, generating innovative ideas, and automating routine tasks, allowing our team to focus on more strategic and creative endeavours.
Our AI team
Our team
Our team
Calum (Human)
Co-founder & Designer
Anna (AI Persona)
Creative Designer
Robert (AI Persona)
Branding Intelligence
Emmie (AI Persona)
Trends Forecaster Intelligence
Osmar (AI Persona)
Strategy Intelligence
Rachael (AI Persona)
Data Intelligence